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5 good reasons to enroll at EFIB

  • Open to all, more than 25 different nationalities;
  • An ambitious modern language policy offering early and reinforced learning of German and English;
  • Preparation of students for certifications (Cambridge, Goethe, DELF);
  • Specific teaching of French for non-French speaking students.
  • Sports and cultural activities;
  • Snow days devoted to winter sports;
  • Green class or show at the end of the year;
  • Numerous optional extracurricular activities (languages, science, dance, cooking, creative arts, downhill skiing, etc.).
  • Very competitive tuition fees compared to private and/or international schools and Swiss nurseries;
  • Parents of students involved in the rigorous management of the school;
  • Possibility of tax deduction of school fees;
  • Possibility of obtaining scholarships for French nationals.
  • Integration in kindergarten (from 2.5 years old), elementary school, middle school and on request high school CNED with tutoring;
  • Continuous reception: 7:15 am to 6 pm (on request);
  • Food service offered;
  • Library offering a wide range of multilingual literature;
  • Modern computer equipment.
  • An establishment on a human scale, offering conditions conducive to learning and respect for everyone;
  • A qualified and continuously trained staff, dedicated to the success of all;
  • A teaching program that complies with the requirements of the French national education system.


  • "If J and P are blossoming today, it is because they had the chance to cross your path - understanding, benevolence are definitely part of you - Thank you a thousand times. S and S"
  • "We would like to thank the EFB from the bottom of our hearts for the valuable support given to our L and T children in their academic learning, but also in their lives. EFB was for them a place that allowed them to evolve, to grow and especially to blossom. Thank you so much! S-G Family"
  • "We are about to leave for new horizons in South America. We have had a great three years at and with EFIB. Not only have our daughters A and N learned so much, but they have also gone to school every day with great enthusiasm and motivation inspired by the entire EFIB team.... What better way to teach a child than with knowledge and joy? EFIB has been totally successful in both respects and we thank you immensely. ...We wish EFIB a very good future, we will keep a great memory of it and, who knows, we may return one day. AP"
  • “Dear ladies and gentlemen of EFIB – Thank you for welcoming L and J to your school! When we arrived, L did not speak French (and J was without practice). We are grateful to the intrepid direction of the school for taking on our anglophone children, to their excellent teachers, and all the patient staff who have been so supportive and Kind! Best regards, the B.”

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