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EFIB has just moved to new premises and wishes to develop and improve the living environment of its students. Any contribution, no matter how small, can help improve the well-being of the children. As the school is an association, donations are tax deductible.



  • Support the continuous improvement of the school, education and community
  • Take advantage of the tax deduction for your financial contribution
  • Donate new or gently used equipment that will benefit the education and well-being of children


Courtyard: flooring, space planning, games, gardening (child-friendly tools, potting soil, ….), sorting garbage cans,…

Interior design – interior painting/coating of the basement floor, design of the basement and the library (books, documentaries, dictionaries, albums, audio books for all ages from 3 to 16 years old in French, German, English,…but also cushions, carpets, armchairs,…), design of the multi-purpose room (painting, climbing wall, bicycles, sports equipment, sports carpets (tatamis), children’s cushions/armchairs, ottomans,…), hallway and basement rooms to be designed/decorated, panels for the library and the basement (books, dictionaries, audio books,…). We have to decorate the hallway and the basement rooms, we have to install acoustic panels in the canteen, we have to create a friendly place for our students (small library, reading/resting/chatting area, board games,…)

Non-exhaustive list !

Music/entertainment – musical instruments, speakers for the multi-purpose room and lighting (for shows for example,…)


HOW  ?

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a financial donation

a material donation