Rules of Procedure

The internal regulations apply to students, staff and users of the school.

Its purpose is to define the general principles of the establishment, to ensure the best possible working and safety conditions for all, to awaken a sense of individual and collective responsibility, and to facilitate and stimulate the school’s educational mission.

Find here the school’s internal regulations voted by the Governing Board / School Board of June 25, 2018 with the annex 4 voted by the Governing Board / School Board of April 15, 2019

The school has taken out two insurance policies, in line with those generally in force in other schools in the city:

  • Every child living in Switzerland is in principle insured for illness and accident by a compulsory insurance. However, the school has taken out an insurance policy to cover the costs of possible accidents during school time in case there are gaps in the private accident insurance that is supposed to take care of such situations.
  • Corporate liability insurance covers risks for which the school or its staff may be held liable. It does not cover the liability of students to other students or to teachers. For this reason, when a student registers, the school ensures that the family has liability insurance.