My child doesn’t speak french !

FLE (French as a Foreign Language)/FLS (French as a Second Language) 

The International French School of Berne (EFIB) is an international school open to students of all nationalities, whether or not their mother tongue is French. 

The school offers non-French-speaking children the opportunity to learn the French language-culture or to strengthen their linguistic skills through specific instruction by a teacher specialized in teaching French, a language that children speak at school and in which they study, but which is not necessarily a language of communication at home. 

French as a Foreign Language (FLE) sessions are intended for a non-French-speaking audience and French as a Second Language (FSL) sessions are intended for an audience that masters basic skills (the so-calledlinguistic survivallevel). 

The objective of these two systems is to master (FLE) or improve (FLS) the mastery of the French language-culture but they also promote communication between children and between them and the school’s French-speaking staff. They facilitate the understanding of courses and school life and the learning of French culture with a pedagogy and didactics of teaching grammar, phonetics and specific vocabulary. 

FLE or FSL sessions are adapted to the needs of each student. Courses are given, according to individual needs or in small groups (maximum 7 students), per class level. Students who need FLE or FSL sessions are identified by their teacher(s). Needs are then estimated by the FSL teacher. Each group or student has their own progression and activities. A logbook is kept to monitor the activities, evolution and progress of the group or student daily . 

In primary school, these sessions are an integral part of the pupilstimetable because they take place during language classes and do not generate additional hours of classes. For secondary school students, these courses can take place outside their usual schedule. 

FLE or FSL sessions are financially supported by the school.