The school doctor intervenes three times during the child’s schooling, in GS, CM1 and 4ème. Each year, the parents of the children concerned will be informed in good time by the administration. The school doctor performs an examination on the child’s general development. The school doctor can also obtain a report from the child’s private doctor for families who wish to do so. He also applies the vaccination guidelines of the Federal Office of Public Health. In addition, he is in direct contact with the school in case of an epidemic. This service is financed by the school.

Dental check-ups are compulsory for all children of compulsory school age (middle section) and must take place once a year. The City of Bern’s dental services organize this check-up and contact families whose place of residence is in the City of Bern directly. Families who are not registered in the city of Bern must contact the competent services of their municipality in order to find out how to set up this check-up.

A school-based speech-language pathologist collaborates with EFIB. She participates in meetings with the administration and/or teachers, as well as in educational teams concerning students who are referred to her. This service is financed by the school.

She offers assessments to the students concerned. These assessments (after an appointment with the family) are paid for by the parents. Assistance may be granted under certain conditions. The assessments take place at the speech therapy practice in Bern.

A school psychologist collaborates with EFIB.

She participates in meetings with the principal and/or teachers, as well as in educational teams concerning students who are referred to her.

In the event of a request for observation in class or the need for an in-depth examination of a child, the parents are informed. This intervention is paid for by the parents. Assistance may be provided under certain conditions.

With a stated pedagogical ambition for the success of all students and adapted schooling, the inclusive school allows for better consideration of the specific needs of all students, particularly those with special educational needs.

The downloadable brochure provides a summary of useful information on the reception and support of students with special educational needs in French educational establishments abroad, inclusive schooling being a principle that the Agency strives to ensure is respected:

Several ministerial circulars remind us of the conditions under which medication can be taken at school. The Individualized Welcome Project (PAI 2021-22 to be downloaded here) aims at facilitating the reception of the child concerned ( ) but does not replace the parents’ responsibility.

In the case of a benign and temporary illness, taking medication (including homeopathic medicines) at school is not authorized. In fact, if the child is still sick, the texts stipulate that he/she must stay at home. If the illness is minor, the child may take his/her medication at home, before and after school. Any child who is sick will be returned to his or her family.

In order to promote quality relations with the family, the medical file included in the registration file must be rigorously completed at the beginning of the school year. Any change in the child’s state of health must be reported to the school administration without delay.

In the event of a contagious disease, parents must inform the management without delay. Eviction and prevention measures may be taken. A student will not be admitted to school after a contagious illness unless he/she presents a certificate of non-contagion upon his/her return.

Special preventive measures may be taken by management in the event of an exceptional health situation.

In case of accident or illness, the child must immediately notify the adult in charge. If necessary, his or her classmates should do so for him or her. The school has a first-aid kit for cases that are obviously not serious. In the event of an accident requiring urgent intervention, the school will call the emergency services of the city of Bern.

If the student has a fever, we will notify the parents who will have to pick up their child.