Bilingual classes


As soon as school resumes in September 2019, EFIB will open its first biligual group: Petite Section/Moyenne Section at preschool level, accessible to three- and four-year-old children.

In 2020 a second bilingual group Moyenne Section/Grande Section (preschool level) will be offered, allowing children to go through the whole course of their preschool level in French and German.

The objectives of these groups are varied:

  • ensure through bilingualism a better immersion in the official language of communication of the city of Bern and a better integration of French-speaking children in the activities of the urban area,
  • allow a better immersion of children of German-speaking families in the canton’s second language,
  • make it easier to continue schooling in Bern’s alemanic schools,
  • support Bern’s political aim to promote French-German bilingualism by offering bilingual education from the age of 3,
  • offer an innovative and attractive alternative to kitas.