After-school Activities (APE)

EFIB offers two cycles of extracurricular activities each year (September to February / March to June).

When registering for the PTAs, parents agree to the modalities of operation of the activities and related services under this link.

These activities can be related to foreign languages, science, games, creative activities or others. The PTAs are offered either during the lunch break from 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. for 30 minutes of supervision and 60 minutes of animation, or at the end of classes from 4:15 to 5:15 p.m. and sometimes on Wednesday afternoons. For the PTAs during the lunch break, students bring their own lunch.

The list of these activities and the detailed information sheets for each of them will be provided by the school administration in due course. A minimum number of children must be registered for each activity to take place. Registration for a PTA is a commitment for the duration of the PTA! No refunds or reductions will be given for any withdrawal without a significant reason accepted by the management committee.

Invoicing for the first semester is usually done in April and for the second semester in July. Depending on the PTA, an additional contribution may be requested directly by the facilitator for the material used (building materials, food…). Any profits made by the school on extracurricular activities contribute to covering the costs of other services, activities and educational outings, operating costs and any losses from previous years.

Each year between January and March, EFIB organizes several snow days for all classes from CP to 3ème and one day with the kindergarten. Various activities are organized, such as cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, and a full day of Olympic games (with the kindergarteners). The students are supervised by a supervisor, chaperones and monitors. The students leave by bus in the morning in front of the school and are brought back at the end of the day. More information will be provided in due course by the teachers and the school management.


An extra-curricular activity of alpine skiing is offered every year from January to March on Friday afternoons, weather permitting. The registered students leave the school by bus for variable destinations depending on snow conditions and are brought back to school at the end of the day. A supervisor, accompanying adults and instructors supervise the students.

The program, information and registration form for this PTA will be provided in due course by the school management. The cost of the ski trip has been between CHF 65.00 and CHF 75.00 per trip in recent years. Invoicing is done in April.

When registering for the ski PTA, parents agree to the operating procedures for the activities and related services under this link..